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The Gateway to Maine

Settled in 1623 and incorporated in 1647, Kittery holds the distinction of being Maine's oldest town. Kittery is the southernmost town in Maine and is generally the first to be visited by travelers headed north. Although known for its outlet stores, Kittery has an abundance of history.

The building of sturdy wooden naval vessels began in Kittery during Colonial days. Here, the USS RANGER — the first warship to fly a US flag in battle — was built. In 1800, we became the home of the first Federal shipyard in America. Submarine construction started here in the early 1900's. For the modern navy, our shipyard continues to play a pivotal role in maintaining the nation's defenses.

Kittery's early history includes those who made their names plying the oceans, fishing the bountiful waters, and building the vessels that withstood the rigors of the sea. Later residents included:

  • Sir William Pepperrell, hero of Louisburg
  • General William Whipple, signer of the Declaration of Independence
  • John Haley Bellamy, creator of finely carved eagles
  • writers Celia Thaxter, Madame Wood, and William Dean Howells
  • artists Russell Cheney, George S. Wasson, and John Prentice Benson
  • and many others.

Here at Kittery's own museum, what's new is what's old and cherished. Come and spend a few minutes with us!

Veteran Memorials

Kittery has memorials to the veterans of these conflicts:

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Old Cemeteries

Cemetery at
Congregational Church
Cemetery at
the Baptist Church

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