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Welcome to the Kittery History Portal. This is an active database of the people, places and events from Kittery history. The "people" list is now available – without charge – on this website.

About the database

For several years at the Museum, we have been upgrading our technology. This work has been a volunteer effort, supported by several grants. (Our thanks especially to the Rosamond Thaxter Foundation.)

Our goal is to produce a digital timeline of events in Kittery history, with information about associated people and locations. This "Kittery History Portal" is on display and is used inside the Museum today.

The information about people is of special interest to historians and genealogists. The "portal" includes biographical sketches of many noteworthy people in Kittery history.

Our database also has the names of all people buried in Kittery's 140 cemeteries, as well as the text of many tombstone inscriptions. The database is search-able and it now contains over 6,000 names. (Thanks to Gary Beers, Bob Gray, and others for developing this part of the database.)

While this database is extensive, it is still incomplete. We expect more data to be entered in the future.

For genealogists, the Museum can help in your search by using our latest maps, historical references, and this database of people. Please contact us if our research services can be of assistance.

How to use it

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