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June 2022

Dear friends:

This year is Kittery's 375th anniversary. That makes Kittery the oldest town in Maine.

Of course, when Kittery was incorporated in 1647, the state of Maine didn't exist yet. That came 173 years later. Even the United States of America was 140 years in the future. A lot happened in those years, and since then.

These are the bookends for the stories we tell. Local history is our mission. But how those major events are reflected in the lives of people who lived through them, that's our edge. As we look back over four hundred years or more, we can see the “tenor of the times” in Kittery and the people who have lived here.

Throughout its history, Kittery has had several faces, as the town adapted to the eras of a changing world. What started as a colonial village later became a vacation destination, for example.

We think the same is happening today. No, history isn't repeating itself. But we are making history, just as our predecessors were. They – and we – have been here before. Their stories, even the tragedies, can be inspiring.

As we emerge from the pandemic, our Society and its Museum will face several challenges. We rely on your support to see us through. In return, we will continue to promote and encourage the study of local history.

When you join our Society, the benefits for members include free admission to the Museum, an outstanding quarterly newsletter, and more. Most important, by becoming a member, you are joining a group of people who are fascinated by Kittery and its history.

In addition, for new or renewing members, we are offering two special "thank you" gifts:

Fort McClary cover   Wave-swept Lighthouses

Thank you for supporting our Society and its Museum. If you have questions or suggestions, please tell me. We look forward to serving you as a member – and seeing you at the Museum – in the coming year.

Yours truly,

Bob Gray, President
Kittery Historical & Naval Society

PS: We are an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit, devoted to the study of local history. We are not affiliated with or funded by the Town of Kittery, and we are not the U.S. Navy museum. We operate on admission fees, memberships, and donations. We hope you will join us today! Simply return our membership form with your check, or use a credit card here on the website.


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