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– Welcome –

July 2020

Dear friends:

Yes, we are "the museum by the traffic circle." But we're more than that.

We are the historical society in the oldest town in Maine. We've been around since 1935 and we opened a museum after the U.S. bicentennial in 1976. This is the place for Kittery history.

Most of all, we are a society of members who appreciate the stories of this area. And what a history it is. Preserving and sharing this heritage is our mission.

This, however, is not "most years." The Museum is closed for now, so we are missing our visitors (and the revenue they bring). Even so, we are still busy on behalf of our members.

This year is the bicentennial of Maine statehood. Our members are receiving a printed booklet with the story of how Maine became a state. Members also receive our quarterly newsletter. The most-recent was a special issue about the flu epidemic of 1918. When we open, members enjoy free admission to the Museum and discounts. Most important, by becoming a member, you are joining a group of people who are fascinated by Kittery and its history.

Thank you for supporting this tradition. If you have questions or suggestions, please tell me. We look forward to serving you as a member for the coming year. Click here to become a member today!

Yours truly,

Bob Gray, President
Kittery Historical & Naval Society


PS: We are an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit, devoted to the study of local history. We are not affiliated with or funded by the Town of Kittery, and we are not the U.S. Navy museum. We operate on admission fees, memberships, and donations. We hope you will join us today!