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Welcome to Kittery – the oldest town in Maine – with a rich history and a proud naval tradition. When you're nearby, visit the Kittery Historical & Naval Museum to learn about our heritage. You'll find interesting exhibits and fascinating stories, each offering a glimpse into an era of bygone times.

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In September, we will open by appointment for members only.
To arrange an exclusive viewing of the Museum, please call or email us.
Facial covering is required. For more information, see Events.
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Two doses of Kittery history

Virus got you down? Feeling grumpy? Let your imagination roam. Look at our new booklet, then at our quarterly newsletter. These and more come to you with a membership in our Society.

Two hundred years ago, Maine became the 23rd state of the United States. To honor Maine's bicentennial, we wrote a booklet that reads like a Kittery timeline. Each chapter is about an era in the town's history. This year's edition also tells the story of how Maine became a state in 1820.


While the Museum is closed, click on History for an electronic version of the booklet.

Members of the Kittery Historical & Naval Society are receiving a quarterly newsletter, as well as a printed copy of the booklet.

Our Spring-time newsletter was a special edition, with original research and stories about the 1918 flu pandemic. An upcoming issue is planned to focus on Fort McClary.

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The Kittery Historical & Naval Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit devoted to the study of local history. We operate the Museum near the Kittery traffic circle. In most years, our Museum welcomes visitors from across the USA and around the world.

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See our letter to residents about the unusual events of 2020.

Plan a Visit

Explore Kittery's past from colonial times to grand hotels, with shipbuilding and lighthouses, up to the present day. For admission and hours, see Museum.

Kittery History

To celebrate the bicentennial of Maine statehood in 1820, we wrote "A Brief History of Kittery, Maine." Our History also has information about our veterans.



We offer presentations and workshops throughout the year, at the Museum and around town. Some are member meetings. For a schedule, see Events.

About Us

The members of our society enjoy several benefits. Our staff of volunteers like to tell about Kittery and its history. Want to join our crew? See Participate.

Around Town

The town of Kittery has several resources for visitor information. We want to share our favorites. For suggestions, see Links.